Is Ozone Treatment Safe?

Yes, in the hands of a trained technician, ozone shock treatment is quite safe. Proper ozone treatment occurs in unoccupied spaces, with sufficient time given for the ozone to revert into safe, breathable oxygen. What's more, ozone leaves no residue, and creates no harmful by-products or chemicals.

Certain ozonating household products are discouraged by both us and Health Canada as dangerous because the units are intended by the manufacturers to be operated in occupied spaces.

Ozone generators are only safe for use in unoccupied spaces by trained individuals who are following appropriate occupational health and safety requirements. Used improperly, ozone can be very dangerous. People exposed to ozone at shock levels long enough can experience pulmary edema (a build up of fluid in the lungs).

Our trained technicians use respirators to shut down the ozone generators and begin the airing out of the dwelling. We adhere to a strict policy called "The 3 P's." This means that our technicians ensure that all people, pets and delicate plants are removed from areas being treated.

Following treatment, ozone treatment reverts to safe, breathable oxygen with a half-life of 30 minutes in regular atmospheric conditions. This means that when the ozone generator is turned off, each 30 minute period will see half as much ozone left at the end of the period that was present at the beginning of the period.

For approximately 24 hours following treatment, there will be a safe level of detectible ozone in the air that you will smell. If desired, a lemon spritz will reodorize the area.

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