Removing Unpleasant Odours from the Home

Ozone Shock Treatment is a safe and effective way to deal with unpleasant odours in the home, such as:


Important Note About Ozone Shock Treatment

The source of any odour must be removed before ozone treatment. If the smell source is not removed (e.g. garbage, mold, dead rodents, etc.), no amount of ozone can eliminate these odours completely. The treatment areas must also be properly cleaned for ozone shock treatment to work properly.

Cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke odours can pose a huge problem for home owners, buyers and sellers, realtors, property managers, and landlords. Traditional "solutions" are to mask the smell using aerosol air fresheners, or to apply a fresh coat of paint. But these solutions are temporary at best, and often don't entirely eliminate the smell. Instead of a temporary or partially effective solution, ozone attacks the phenol gases associated with tobacco smoke and completely removes them from surfaces. Ozone doesn't mask the smell like most air fresheners, it destroys the smell at the molecular level leaving no smoke at all. Even a house that has been smoked in for 25 years can be safely purged with ozone.

Did You Know?

  1. The smell associated with cigarette smoke is actually a chemical. This chemical bonds to the walls and fixtures, and is constantly recirculated throughout the home through the ventillation system.
  2. Masking this chemical with air fresheners will only work for a time and may pose its own health risks. The only way to ensure the smell does not return is to eliminate the chemical itself. Ozone is a safe and cost-effective way to accomplish this.
  3. Covering up a tobacco smell with a fresh coat of paint creates two problems of its own:
    • Once a smell has been painted over, ozone treatment will not be effective since ozone can only deal with smells on surfaces; it cannot penetrate paint layers
    • Painting will only temporarily remove the smell. Over time, even within weeks and months, the chemical will begin leaking through the fresh coat of paint
Thanks to Noble Inspections my trailer is now "stink" free. I bought my trailer at an auction, and the previous owner smoked in it, and had a cat. After 13 hours of cleaning, I could not get the smell out of it, and believe me, I tried every powerful cleaner you could think of. Noble Inspections came and treated it with the ozone, not once but twice, and now it is ready for the camping season. Noble Inspections will come right to your house, and charge a more-than-fair price for the magic they do. Thanks Noble Inspections!Brett Rockabar
My Wife and I decided to sell our home and Build a new one to suit our needs. It turned out to be a major ordeal trying to sell, due to the fact we are both smokers. Every couple coming through seemed to have issues with the smoke smell. We were frustrated and about to give up until a friend recommended Scott from Noble Inspections. He explained how his system would take the smoke smell and other allergens completely out of the picture. As things unfolded for us, a Couple became highly interested in buying our house, but had major concerns because of allergies their Kids have. We booked Scot and his Ozone treatment and couldn’t be happier. It was an excellent Job he preformed for us which led to the sale of our house. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has allergy’s, or to anyone who just wants to bring their home back to that Fresh smell you had the first day you walked in.Rick Norman

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Animal Odours

Animal odours are some of the hardest odours to remove, but still not impossible with ozone. Some animal odours, like urine in carpet, cannot always eliminate by ozone itself, although most of the smell will be gone after a single ozone treatment. To eliminate urine smells entirely, a procedure called "tenting" is sometimes required. First a spot treatment is done, saturating the urinated area using a liquid deodorizer called C20. The C20 must fully dry in order for the ozone to properly break down the molecules of the urine. A full day should be allowed for this drying time. After the deodorized area dries and has been properly cleaned, a plastic tarp is placed over the treatment area to concentrate the ozone at the source. Following ozone shock treatment, the area will be completely free of odour.

Helpful Hint

For treatments that require the application of C20 liquid deodorizer, affected areas will intensify in smell until the deodorizer has dried and ozonation is completed.

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Cooking Odours

Vapours and smoke from cooking can persist even after a deep clean, which itself can be a tiresome task. Even after cleaning, some cooking smells still hang around. Instead of covering up these smells with air fresheners, Ozone Shock Treatment can eliminate cooking smells altogether. Even problematic and penetrating odours like curry can be taken care of with C20 liquid deodorizing treatment followed by ozonataion.

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Mold can be a tricky problem to cure in a home. Anyone who says that ozone completely eliminates mold is mistaken. This is not to say that mold cannot be killed with the use of "Shock Levels" of ozone, but the key is to understand how ozone kills mold. Ozone disrupts mold growth at certain stages and thus inhibits its growth. But mold that is not exposed to the ozone gas will not be killed, such as mold that grows behind drywall or tile.

Ozone will eliminate the unpleasant odour associated with mold and mildew but the mold itself must be removed and its source, and any water source feeding the mold must be stopped in order to completely ensure that the house is safe to live in. Ozone can kill the mold growing on the surface of a wall, window sill or the spores in the air that the ozone gas can contact. However, because of the restrictions on where the ozone gas can reach, and how resilient mold is, ozone shock treatment provides no guarantee that mold will be eliminated from the dwelling or that it will not return.

If you are having issues with mold, Noble Inspections is also certified for mold inspections and air quality assessments, and can put you in touch with expert mold eliminators. Contact us today!

Everyone in the family kept getting sick, and it seemed like we couldn't get over it after 6 months. I called Calgary Ozone when we began to smell mold in one of the kids' rooms. Because of Scott's background in home inspection, he was able to diagnose and test for the presence of mold, and tell us exactly where our problem was. Scott also connected us with industry experts so that we could minimize the cost or remediation. And once the source of mold was removed, ozonating our whole house got everything back to normal and healthy again. I would totally recommend Calgary Ozone for anyone looking for a company that knows what they're talking about.B. Schroeder

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Fire and Smoke Damage

A fire in a home can do more damage than just burn your most precious belongings. Even after a home that has suffered fire and smoke damage has been cleaned extensively, with the home restored back to safe living conditions, returning occupants may still be dealing with smoke damage issues. A family living in a restored home will be facing the reality of starting over. This can be an uphill battle trying to retain precious belongings, keepsakes and mementos.

Ozonation provides a safe and cost-effective way to completely rid your home smoke odour. Ozone is used by our certified technicians to deodorize the home and all your belongings thoroughly. Ozone is a "smoke eater" and destroys smoke odours at the molecular level.

Did You Know?

The fire in the home heats up the air causing the smoke to get hot and open up "pores" at the molecular level in clothing, carpets, furnishings etc. Once the pores are open they will fill with smoke and when the air cools the smoke is trapped inside. With just a little bit of warmth, these pores will reopen a little bit allowing some smoke to escape. This is why smoke smells never seem to go away.

The solution is a technique called a "ozone shock treatment". Using an ozone generator we produce enough ozone to seek out and destroy the smoke molecules leaving only clean, fresh air to breathe.

Helpful Hint

Depending on how heavy the smoke damage is, the treatment could take hours or days. You and your family will need to be prepared to leave your home until the treatment has finished, because we cannot safely employ this technique in an occupied structure, unless treatment is restricted to just one room. During an airing out period following ozonation treatment, excess ozone reverts back to safe, breatheable oxygen, posing no health risk and leaving no residue.

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Chemical Sensitivity and "Sick Building" Syndrome

With advanced oxidation, our ozone generators are designed to destroy, not just cover up, the smell of industrial odours caused by VOC's (volatile organic compounds) given off by new carpets, paints, cleaning chemicals and other building materials. Ozone Shock Treatment is effective at breaking down VOC's, making it an effective treatment for those who are sensitive to chemical smells in the air. Ozone treatment will restore the air to a fresh, breathable, safe condition.

The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air quality is between two and five times worse than the outside air quality. They also state that the VOC's inside the home can be concentrated as much as 1,000 times more than that of the outside air. This concentration is what has come to be known as "Sick Building Syndrome" because people in these environments may be at more risk to health problems from indoor air pollution than they would experience from exposure to outdoor air pollution.

The solution to clearing up the effects of pollution "VOC's" is to use ozone to reduce or eliminate biological contaminants like bacteria, mold, mildew, viruses, fungus, animal dander, vermin, and pollen, as well as chemical gases like formaldehydes, radon, cleaning agents, paint fumes or other bad odours.

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